The 10 most popular conspiracy theories

The 10 most popular conspiracy theories

And why we believe them

 The website Big Think has a great list of the 10 most popular conspiracy theories in America today, which is entertaining enough. But even before you peruse the list, the author spends a great deal of time analyzing who believes in conspiracy theories, and why.

There are some communities which seem more likely to believe in conspiracies than the baseline culture. The elderly, the far right, and the working poor are in general most susceptible to conspiracy theories. But why?

Researchers have found that the key is a feeling of lack of control. People who feel like they have little to no control over their lives tend to pursue the form of structured magical thinking which conspiracy theories provide. Conspiracies are a "mental shortcut" which allow us to find meaning in otherwise inscrutable events.

An interesting theory, to be sure. 

As for the most popular conspiracy theories, they are:

1. A secret group controlling the world (the article lumps in the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Bilderberg group all into this same category).
2. Obama birthers.
3. 9/11 was an inside job.
4. Reptilians control the world. (This surprised me - I always assumed this was a fringe belief, if only because it's so bizarre.)
5. JFK assassination.
6. Aliens are contacting us.
7. Fake moon landing.
8. FDA is withholding a cancer cure. 
9. Chemtrails.
10. Holocaust deniers.