Alex Jones claims Clinton and Obama are literal devils

Alex Jones claims Clinton and Obama are literal devils

Says you can tell because they "both smell like sulfur"

President Obama took a moment out of a recent speech to sniff himself and reassure the crowd that nope, he doesn't smell like sulfur. 

This came about because of claims Alex Jones made on his radio talk show, that "I'm told [Hillary Clinton] and Obama just stink, stink, stink," because they are "psychopath demon[s] from hell" who are possessed by the devil.

Obama laughed off the claims but mentioned them to point out how Jones' comments, and those like them, can be divisive. "Democracy does not work if you just say stuff like that," Obama said. 

Jones claims that both Obama and Clinton smell like sulfur, that they attract clouds of flies, and that they are being increasingly tormented by nightmares. He states that he has multiple sources for this information, "high up folks." He also claims to have talked to people on Clinton's protective details, who say they are "scared of her" because she is a "frickin demon and she stinks and so does Obama."

It's one thing to demonize your political opponent. (Jones is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump.) But most people just take the figurative route! I applaud Jones for doubling down on the literal interpretation of these statements. I guess he hasn't had a good conspiracy to debunk in a while, so he's turning to some tried and true witch hunting!