Alien Caught On TV in Argentina and Fresno?

Alien Caught On TV in Argentina and Fresno?

This mega-popular YouTube video purports to show an alien caught by accident in the background of a TV interview. The video was aired last August (that's the middle of winter in Argentina, for those of you wondering about the wool hat).

It caused quite a stir, and features a dimly-seen figure which seems to be lurching towards the foreground.

Some have speculated that the figure might be a newborn deer. It looks a bit too large for that to me, although the awkward, "how do you get these stilts to work" movement is indeed very fawn-like. And there is one brief moment when it looks like the distinctive V of a deer's black tail edged in white.

However, the first problem that I noticed is that the background seems to blur behind the "alien." As if it is leaving its own shimmering heat trail behind it. Or as if someone got too wacky with the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop.

But the obvious problem with this footage is that the sun is clearly shining on the woman's face from the right. However, the "alien" has a shadow which indicates that the lighting is shining on it from the left. Unfortunately, this is clearly a fake.

This footage led me to the next item. Apparently this footage was featured on a recent episode of "Fact or Faked," which is a show I quite enjoy. And for once, the team was unable to reproduce or debunk the footage!

This footage was caught by a CCTV (security camera) in Fresno.

And here is the MUFON presentation of this footage, by paranormal investigator Victor Camacho.

The video comes from the front yard of a man who lives in Fresno. As you can see from the extended footage from the MUFON conference, both the fence (at the edge) and the palm (at the center) are about shoulder high.

These two "stick figure" aliens seem to be out for an interesting stroll. One alien steps into the bottom of the field of view, seems to dawdle or hesitate, then slips away. It is standing on the sidewalk in front of the man's home.

The other alien is far more visible, and more interesting. It crosses the man's yard with a very peculiar (you might almost call it "unearthly) gait. It seems to be struggling to move against a headwind.

More stick figures were caught by CCTV above Fresno in Yosemite National Park. These look considerably more human than those in the previous footage. In fact, I would bet the farm that they are just kids in silly costumes.

Although these two examples of "nightcrawlers" caught on video share similar physical characteristics, the movements could not be more different. The creature in the first Fresno video is no-nonsense, scampering across the man's lawn without a second's thought.

However, the creatures in the second video look almost suspiciously cautious in their movements. As though they were performing a Looney Tunes-style pantomime of "spooky creature." They also seem to be feeling for the ground, almost as if they were actually just some guys in stilts and a creepy sheet costume.