Amazing ghost footage captured at abandoned RAF Base

Amazing ghost footage captured at abandoned RAF Base

If it's not fake, it's incredible evidence

 If this footage isn't fake, then it's an incredible piece of evidence. I qualify it up front, because as we all know, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. And this footage definitely seems too good to be true!

Ghost hunter Steve Wesson and three other people with UK Ghost Hunts were investigating Manby Hall in Lincolnshire when Wesson captured the footage. No one saw or heard anything at the time, and it wasn't until later, when Wesson was reviewing the footage, that he spotted the figure crossing the hall behind them.

Manby Hall is a former Royal Air Force (RAF) base which was decommissioned, then served as a retirement home, and is now abandoned. UK Ghost Hunts investigated the site as part of a new ghost hunting series they are filming for release on Amazon and YouTube.

The figure is obviously not a shadow of one of the team members. Their shadows appear on the wall behind the figure, and are much more distorted and lighter in color. Furthermore, the figure flashes a light as it passes, as if it was holding a flashlight - not something you would ever see in a normal shadow.

Perhaps the most surprising claim about this footage is that no one saw the figure at the time, including the person filming it, who was looking right at it. An important reminder to stay alert and observant whenever you are investigating a location!