Beaten Up by a Ghost?

Beaten Up by a Ghost?

If you’ve ever seen or heard about people who claim to have been attacked by supernatural forces, whether you believe them or not, you know how terrified they are by what they believe has happened to them. A 13-year-old boy who recently confessed to his mother that he’d been beaten by a ghost is one such horrified young man.

The boy, Daniel Wilkins of Hartlepool, UK, was alone and home from school when the incident occurred. He says he was “suddenly pulled upright, dragged across the living room, taken to the front door, and thrown out onto the street.”

He also said that during the assault, he was also pushed toward the kitchen, yanked around by the arms with his feet coming off the floor, and he heard the sound of a heavy, masculine breathing. He saw no one. After this five-minute beating, he escaped to the home of a neighbor, scared out of his wits.

Yeah, I think leaving the house was the best option here. I don’t think I’d ever step across that threshold again if I were Wilkins.

When his mother, Beverley Wilkins, 33, came home from picking up his younger brother from school, she was greeted by the strange site of a gaggle of neighbors grouped with her son, who was shaking, outside her front door.

The door itself was locked. When the family finally was able to get into the house, they heard someone walking around upstairs as well as banging—after which they promptly left once again, this time to St. Paul’s church to get the help of a priest.

Though the priest is currently working with the family, they may simply move to another property—something the landlord said should be no problem.

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure take him up on it. Wilkins, a single mother of three with another on the way, must be horrified for her family. No matter if it’s a haunting or a trick, it sure doesn’t seem like a very safe situation to me. I would up and move my family out of that place in a heartbeat.

My husband and I stayed at a haunted mansion for our honeymoon; and though I had trouble sleeping due to my overactive imagination, nothing happened while we were there. Still, I won’t rule anything out.

What about you? Would you stay in a haunted house? Have you ever spent the night in one?