Black-Eyed Kids

Black-Eyed Kids

Don't let them in!

 Starting in the mid-90s, people began to report eerie visitations by children with pale skin and solid black eyes. These children usually appeared in the middle of the night, often in pairs. 

They may knock on your door in the middle of the night, attempt to hitchhike, or tug on your sleeve as you walk past them in the street. Often they wear hoodies with the hoods pulled up, and keep their faces down-turned, to help hide their bizarre eyes.

The children plead for your help. "I'm lost," "I need a ride," "Can I use your phone?" "I need help." They use our own empathy and altruism against us.

There are many theories about the black-eyed kids. Some people think they are extraterrestrials. Others think they are spirits, or demons. Everyone agrees they are up to no good.

Most people notice something amiss and slam the door closed in alarm. But every so often, someone lets them in, and they always end up regretting this decision. Like a woman recently who reported that after letting a pair of black-eyed kids into her house, she experienced a series of terrifying events, and now fears she is dying from an aggressive form of melanoma.