Colesakick Vs. Intergalactic Reptilian Black Market in Human Meat

Colesakick Vs. Intergalactic Reptilian Black Market in Human Meat

Imagine a worldview so convoluted that the answer to "Where are the bodies of the people killed by the Indonesian tsunami go?" is not "They were washed into the ocean," but "They were taken by the Reptilians and beamed up into space, to be sold at an intergalactic black market butcher shop."

Confused?  Don't worry: YouTube Sensation colesakick wants to break it down for you.  In fact, that is what she was sent here on Earth to do: She is a Pleiadian who was incarnated here to blow the whistle on "you guys."  (I think she means the Reptilians and co?)  At the end of the video she identifies herself as "The spirit of the mother of everything in this galaxy."

Unfortunately, colesakick (real name Colleen) had a recent misfire.  In a video titled "Update to Obama and all hostiles" she predicted that "On November 6th the EMP will take out all communications and electrical grids so prepare your electronics, unplug them, place on ground and cover with metal blanket of some kind"  (I don't have a "metal blanket," can you loan me one?)

Standing beside a Thomas Kinkade painting, in what looks for all the world like an upscale hotel lobby, colesakick and her ample, paislied bosom dish out the facts. 

Once Obama and "his entourage" were clear of the United States, a host of dirty bombs would be set off by the Draconians and the Reptilians, who are trying to wipe us out.  Luckily, the Pleiadians were on our side, and defended us once again against this attack.

We are all, you see, in the middle of a vast war which we only barely perceive.  Swine flu and SARS are actually attacks on the American people by the shadow government, which is actually run by Reptilians and Draconians.  The Britons and Australians too, she assures us.  (Whither New Zealand?)  They are all sons of Satan, Colleen assures us.  Which is why the Pope wears red shoes and sits on a throne with an upside-down cross.  (??)

The Reptilians have no compassion.  They are heartless, unfeeling sadist who eat us.  In fact, they are harvesting us for sale on the galactic black market.  (!!)  This by the way is why no bodies were recovered after the tsunami - all the bodies were "beamed off" to be sold for meat.

Her more recent video shows a different Colleen.  She takes a call as the video starts - with the recent "missile launch" scare in California, Colleen has been much in demand.  As she talks to some kind of reporter (using something that looks like several iPhones glued together into a device the thickness of a hockey puck) she rocks, anxious, in her seat. 

But frankly, it's difficult to muster sympathy for someone who is mongering this much fear.  When "the forces" come knocking on your door, she tells us, if you aren't armed, you need to hide.  The UN troops are pawns of evil.  They are shutting down the highways to transport their vehicles.  They are on their way, they will be here any minute, we are all going to die.

There is a bit of good news, though: "Late next spring, everybody that gets to live on this planet gets $5.3 million dollars."