David Icke's Reptilians

David Icke's Reptilians

 David Icke is a fascinating figure.  He began his career as a sports commentator for the BBC, and a Green Party spokesman.  Then after a fateful encounter with a psychic, Icke had a spiritual awakening.

In an interview that was ostensibly to be about something sports-related, Icke announced to the world that "he was the son of God, and predicted that the world would soon be devastated by tidal waves and earthquakes.  From this rapid turnabout, David Icke became one of the most prolific and disturbing futurists in the movement which he dubbed "New Age conspiracism."

One of the touchstones of Icke's theories is that, in the words of Wikipedia, "a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity."  It is Icke's assertion that many world leaders, including George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II, are actually reptilians.

(Icke also believes that Kris Kristofferson and Boxcar Willie are reptilians.  Although certainly less successful ones than their political heads-of-state brethren.)

Icke has fleshed out a remarkably detailed explanation and world view regarding these reptilians in his extensive self-published repertoire.  The reptilians drink blood, are able to change their shape at will (so as to appear human, or whatever George W. Bush is), are from the Alpha Draconis star system (a perfectly nice star which served as the pole star during the time of the Ancient Egyptians), and live inside the Hollow Earth.  

The reptilians are the masters of all conspiracies.  The puppetmasters of the world, in essence.  The reptilians feed on negative emotions, which is why they are constantly manufacturing wars and other sources of strife.  (You may recognize this as being the plot of a Star Trek: The Original Series episode titled "Day of the Dove.")

I can totally understand why someone would want to believe that the entire world is being controlled by shape-changing reptilian humanoids who drink negative emotions.  In a way, odd as it sounds, it's a lot more comforting than the reigning consensual explanation.  Which is that humans are either too lazy, inattentive, or actively malevolent to allow peace to prevail.  

Can't we all just get along?  Of course not - and it's all the fault of those darned reptilians!

9/11?  Reptilians.  Auschwitz?  Reptilians.  Civil War?  Reptilians.

Eight years after David Icke started revealing the truth about the reptilians, he obviously watched The Matrix and it clearly blew.  His.  Mind.  Icke believes we are all immersed in what he calls "the five-sense illusion."  In other words, The Matrix is real.  

And who controls the Matrix we're embedded within?  In the movie, it was floating octopus head alien craft (or something - I could never really follow that point).  In reality (or what passes for it) the matrix is controlled by the reptilians.

Now you can see the true genius.  It's not like you could just go run up to George W. and rip off his rubber mask, Scooby Doo-style.  Because George W. is just a construct of the reptilians.  The reptilians control us all - but they aren't HERE.  They control us from the real world, and we all just blunder around through the video game they have devised for us.

To quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa."

Photo credit: Neil Hague via Wikimedia Commons