Did Mary Magdalene Fall In Love With Judas (Baby)?

Did Mary Magdalene Fall In Love With Judas (Baby)?

If you have watched the music video released today for Lady Gaga's hit "Judas," you - like me - may find yourself with some questions.

Did Mary Magdalene have a relationship with Judas? Did Judas ride a badass motorcycle? Did Jesus wear cornrows? What is a lipstick gun, and where can I buy one?

I can't answer the last one, except to state the obvious: it is a gun which produces lipstick. (Duh!)

In the video, Lady Gaga is clearly presenting herself in the role of Mary Magdalene. She dresses in red (the color associated with Mary M) and at the end of the officially leaked clip, she washes Jesus' feet (as did Mary M).

Mary Magdalene is considered the most important disciple of Jesus because she was the first person to see Jesus after he rose from the dead. She was one of his most devoted followers, being one of the few people to stick with him after he was crucified.

She is also an important figure to feminists, because there is ample historical proof that Mary Magdalene suffered from "slut shaming." She was not a prostitute, as is frequently asserted. Jesus is said to have cleansed her of "seven demons." Some biblical scholars took this to mean that she was full of the Seven Deadly Sins (and from there I guess it was an easy leap to "prostitute"). But contemporary scholars interpret it as seven illnesses. Certainly the use of "demons" implies at the very least that Mary Magdalene was not a willing sinner, but had sin thrust upon her.

Mary Magdalene's close relationship with Jesus has led to her lofty position within the Gnostic tradition. Mary Magdalene is believed to have understood Jesus' teachings in a way that his other followers did not - just as the Gnostic tradition itself does. (Or claims to.)

Some traditions even believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. This theory was espoused by the classic conspiracy text Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and later by The Da Vinci Code. Among other circumstantial evidence, these texts often cite Mary Magdalene's faithful attendance at Jesus' crucifixion and rebirth, which they believe is more indicative of the behavior of a grieving widow than a mere disciple.

Whether they were married, sleeping with each other, or just best friends, it is clear that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were very close. They were often found at each other's side, and Jesus frequently kissed her in public.

In this context, it is obvious that Mary Magdalene would not have been a fan of Judas. I was not able to find any traditions in which Mary Magdalene and Judas had a relationship apart from their mutual connection with Jesus. Although some scholars have held them up as polar opposites, to illustrate many of the key concepts of early Christianity.

It is only in Lady Gaga's prodigious imagination (fueled by thirteen years of Catholic school) that Mary Magdalene harbored a secret crush on Judas. (Although having watched the video, I can kind of understand the appeal. Who knew Judas was so hot?)