Face in Tumor Ultrasound Perplexes Doctors

Face in Tumor Ultrasound Perplexes Doctors

"The doctors agreed the image was probably just a coincidence and not a divine testicular imprint."

We like finding faces and figures in all sorts of places. Normally, people find the divine imprinted upon the mundane. Jesus shows up on toast, Mary appears as a water stain on the subway wall. We're starved for miracles in this day and age, so we take what we can get. It's still comforting to think that some presence is watching over us even if the only way they can communicate with us is through vague outlines on breakfast foods.

Not all chaotic apparitions are benevolent, though. Satan allegedly showed his face in the smoke coiling from the World Trade Center on 9/11, and now some guy in Canada has a demon in his balls.

And he's just in time for Halloween, too. When the 45-year-old man went in to get his severe testicular pain checked out, the doctors found a frightening image in the ultrasound. The mass seemed to be peering agape and wide-eyed up at them. The scan looked almost exactly like a startled human face. 

Some urologists might have shrugged off the image as mere coincidence, but this team of doctors thought that the ball-face was just too weird to let slip. They submitted it to the journal of the International Society of Urology along with an abstract that pondered whether the face belonged to the Egyptian god of virility. A bit of a stretch, perhaps (or maybe not, given the nature of most Egyptian mythology), but he certainly isn't Jesus. He doesn't have a beard, for one, and we all know Jesus doesn't make a habit of showing up in the scrotums of believers. It's just not his style. 

The doctors agreed the image was probably just a coincidence and not a divine testicular imprint. It's another example of pareidolia, the tendency of the human mind to find patterns in meaningless chaos. While sometimes people find writing in strange places, most pareidolia occurs when people see faces where there aren't any. It makes sense--faces are the first things we're programmed to pick out with our brand new, barely focused eyes. Recognizing other humans is a vital survival skill. The problem is that our human-sensing powers are usually a little too sensitive. We register anything that looks even a little like a face as an actual face. That's why cartoon characters are relatable to us even though they look very little like real humans. It's also why we keep seeing deities everywhere--even in testicular ultrasounds. 

The good news is that this terrifying-looking tumor wasn't very terrifying at all--doctors removed the testicle and found the tumor to be benign. Maybe this little man in the moon was just screaming at the prospect of his imminent biopsy.