Here Come the Conspirators: Osama and Adolf Share a Deathday

Here Come the Conspirators: Osama and Adolf Share a Deathday

May 1st a loaded date to die on

Because of course Obama can’t enjoy any kind of success as a leader without the nutjobs coming out of the woodwork to decry it, people are already writing up their theories about Bin Laden’s death. They dumped him in the ocean! There’s no body! Clearly the government faked the whole thing.

I mean, there are still folks who believe that 9-11 was done at the hands of the Bush administration, so it’s not like the madness is restricted to the right wing. But now that the “birther” issue has been resolved, a lot of people seem to be turning into “deathers” and denying that Bin Laden was ever found dead last night. Sorry, kids, but even if they kept the body, you probably weren’t going to see it face to face anyway. There's just no pleasing you.

But there are a few funky coincidences with the date of the news. On May 1st, 1945, Adolf Hitler was also declared dead by Germany. Apparently, folks in the US were suspicious of this newsflash as well. Not much changes in half a century; people love to be suspicious of the press. Still, the synching of the dates is weird stuff. Looks like springtime’s not so great for Hitler or his like-minded fellows. 

May 1st is also International Worker’s Day—a socialist holiday!—and more interestingly, the day on which the Illuminati was founded almost three hundred years ago in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Coincidence? Yes, probably. But don’t take off your tinfoil hat just cause I’m telling you to.

Although you could mine pretty much any date for significance, and there have been plenty of coincidences like this throughout history (the Lincoln/Kennedy assassination comparison is a good one), I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of far-right folks up in arms about the whole thing. After all, if you don’t like the news, it’s easy to call “liar” on everyone reporting it. And it’s even more fun to construct your own theories on how you’d like the world to work.