New documentary claims UFOs were responsible for Marilyn Monroe's death

New documentary claims UFOs were responsible for Marilyn Monroe's death

Was she killed for what she knew?

 A new documentary titled "Unacknowledged," directed by Michael Mazzola, alleges that Marilyn Monroe was about to go public with her knowledge of the truth about UFOs, and that she was killed to prevent this from happening. The documentary follows Dr. Steven Greer, who believes that the United States government has been covering up knowledge of the existence of UFOs for decades.

Reportedly, Monroe knew that UFOs were real and extraterrestrials exist. Actor Burl Ives (a 33rd degree Mason) is on record claiming that Monroe did not die from a drug overdose as reported.

The documentary's evidence hinges on an alleged wiretap of a conversation between Monroe and a reporter, only three days before Monroe's death. The reporter was investigating Roswell and other UFO-related incidents. Monroe's information presumably came from her alleged affairs with John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, during which she allegedly learned about JFK's visit to a "secret airbase" where he inspected "things" from outer space.

Monroe reportedly threatened to hold a press conference to "tell all," and died shortly thereafter.

Monroe famously suffered from depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, as well as well-documented issues with abuse of amphetamines, barbitruates, and alcohol. She locked herself in her room at 8PM on the night of Saturday, August 4, 1962. Actor Peter Lawford called her that night, hoping to persuade her to attend his party. Monroe was slurring her words and asked Lawford to say goodbye to several people for her, including himself. According to the coroner's report, Monroe died soon after. Her death was classified a "probable suicide," and was caused by a shocking amount of barbiturates in her system.