Orbs in Photographs: Dust Particles or Ghosts?

Orbs in Photographs: Dust Particles or Ghosts?

Orbs in photographs are probably pieces of dust. Little, floating white dots that radiate from a deep, white center to a lighter colored outer ring.  Dust. But then, I can’t help but wonder, why aren’t there orbs in every picture? Dust—and pollen and flying seeds or whatever you can imagine those white spheres to be—are everywhere.

So then I turn to a less likely explanation—ghosts. Some people say that the white dots are ghosts making their presences known to the living. Orbs are speedy and follow a pattern that isn’t regular—pollen or spirit? Which is why orbs are so prevalent in graveyards, perhaps. Let’s learn a bit more about the orbs phenomenon:

Naturalistic school.  The naturalistic school claims that the orbs in photographs are created from the specific conditions of refracted light on dust, insects or moisture in the air. Even most ghost hunters agree that the majority of orbs captured on films are probably floating dust particles.

Non-naturalistic school. This schools sees the trails of light off of orbs and calls paranormal activity. This school says that the reason that orbs are more common in certain places are not because that location is more dusty or filled with more pollen, but because it’s filled with more ghosts. These ghosts are attracted to human activity, especially children’s activities, and are more likely to be found in places with a lot of action.

This group also thinks that the presence of many orbs in photographs prove that ghosts travel together in ghost packs. They are drawn to certain places because those places were significant to them when they were alive. Psychics and ghost hunters claim to encounter or talk with spirits in places where orbs are common. Orbs are supposed to be spirits who cannot or will not go to the next phase in life—they are tied by some force to stay connected to their earthly lives. Some say the orbs are only nature spirits or microorganisms similar to microscopic cells found under microscopes.

The questions of why spirits take on a spherical shape, rather than a version of their human form, is that it is much easier for them to do so. Assuming the orb form takes less energy for spirits, while assuming apparition forms taxes them to a greater degree. However, during the colder part of the year, spirits can more easily take on other forms aside from the orb. Orb activity is heightened during the warmer months.

Orbs have limited power and can do little else than appear in photographs. Some ghost hunters say that lifestyles or attitudes can draw ghosts to the living for reasons that they may not understand.  Some ghost hunters say the Ouija board can bring unwanted ghosts or open spirit portals. Spirits also have been said to be recorded on film or video in the shape of a vortex or a misty or foggy appearance dubbed an Ecto-Mist.

Alien school. Some people think that orbs that show up in photographers are alien devices used to monitor human activity.

What do you think photographic orbs really are?