Prime Number Cross

Prime Number Cross

Peter Plichta's work on the Prime Number Cross is gifted by opening a major vein of truth but truth's heart remains hidden and has eluded him. The Cross plays twin roles in realty: that of the symbol for the coincidental structure of Infinity and Finity, and as Prop for the personal human dimension of both infinite and finite realities. What the Prime Number Cross demonstrates is that Time and Space is an anamolous phenomenon only capable of beimg experienced and reflected on by the Human mind.That being so, we can time travel back to the first clock and appreciate that the inventors who obviously saw the same connection concluded that another level of intelligence existed within Infinity whom/which anticipated Human existence and that we would have both an emotional response to, and a rational comprehension of the apparently higher Being. Hence monotheism was impressed on human culture by the elementary logic of numbers and geometry in an early age. It is easy to replicate the ancient experiment that proves the presence of intelligence in the complex model of Time and Space that exists within, and is the product of an Infinite Reality that is not possible for us to describe except by numbers.

Dr Plichta senses something when he recognizes that in Revelation Five, Saint John is making veiled reference to the Prime Number Cross, but what hampers Plichta's discovery is thinking he has discovered proof of God, rather than proof that humans are in a special secret alliance with Heaven, a real populated realm of existence with a stake in our lives. Plichta stops short of realizing that the only thing missing from the modern definition of Reality is the story of it. I go from there because otherwise I have no story.

You have no story of Jesus without His crucifixion on the cross. There is no story of life or our existence until we know the truth aabout death. If Jesus died on the Cross and is no more, then what is our real story? There is no story in that case but if jesus is alive then there is no death and we are free.

So if the Prime Number Cross demonstrates scientifically that our minds are in no way part of or connected to the body, and reveal that Mind originates in Infinity, then we live forever.

For this model to hold up it is necessary to show that both Light and matter are products of numbers and that words are factors of the same numbers, creating the future.

You can refer to jesusjamey on Daily Kos for detail on my version of this Cross, but suffice to say that Heaven for me us wide open.