Rendlesham Forest Incident survivor comes forward

Rendlesham Forest Incident survivor comes forward

Britain's Roswell

The incident at Rendlesham Forest is one of the most amazing records in UFO history. The events took place over three nights in 1980 at a Royal Air Force base in rural England. Unexplained lights were seen in the sky, and one serviceman claimed to have discovered an actual alien craft in the woods while he was on patrol. Strange triangular marks were found in the soil near where the lights seemed to have landed. 

Terrifying, certainly. And remember that this was the height of the Cold War, when tensions on both sides were running high. 

Now, 36 years later, a retired U.S. Air Force officer who claims he was at Rendlesham Forest during the events has come forward. Steve Longero, who served as a police sergeant on the base, was guarding a weapons storage area at the time of the events. 

According to Longero, when the alarm system went off, he looked up and saw bright lights over the treetops. Longero says the lights looked like colored fluorescent lights, "red and green glowing lights," hovering over the forest canopy.

Longero was told not to talk about what he saw, partly because at the time, the base was secretly storing nuclear weapons.