Terrifying Ouija board tales!

Terrifying Ouija board tales!

This one is scarier than most

There are so many scary stories related to Ouija boards, it's remarkable that they are made by Milton-Bradley, and sold as a board game!

The most recent such tale comes from the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, which now holds in its possession the planchette from a Ouija board that went horribly wrong.

The story begins in 1995, when a pair of teenage siblings got the board as a gift from their aunt, and promptly began using it to scare each other. They played with it together, and separately took it to their friends' houses to hold seances with the dead.

All well and good, up until the fateful night they got it in their heads to use the Ouija board at a notorious local park and cemetery. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery outside Chicago is an "infamous haunted location." 

What happened at the cemetery was scary enough. So scary, in fact, that the kids forgot to "close the session," which left the Ouija board's gate to the other dimension hanging over. What happened after that night is even scarier! Read the entire story here on The Week in Weird.