Fly Larvae Could Lead To Superhero Suction Cups

We learn a lot from the animal kingdom, and it turns out that fly larvae might hold the secret to super suction cups for humans. While superhero might be a stretch for this possible technology, it's definitely more powerful than suction cups as they stand. These little babies from Austria aren't even dislodged by river currents as they stick to rocks!

Rats Driving Cars

Have you heard that rats are now driving cars? Rats in a research lab were taught to drive custom made cars in order to pick up their own food, something that, many have pointed out, many humans seem to struggle with today. It's leading scientists to believe that rats are much smarter than previously thought, which pretty much makes anyone who's been around rats say... duh.

Socks Have Emu Calming Abilities

This week in weird news, an emu was on the loose causing damage in a Massachusetts community when police stepped in to take action... with a sock. The emu was someone's pet, of course, and she said she didn't know how it got out, but it certainly led everyone on a wild... emu chase. Once the bird was out, it was also pretty cranky, which made it even harder to catch! 

Fish Can Live In Dead Zones

Every day we seem to get news that disregards previous rules about our existence, proving that life is possible even in the most unexpected places. While that feels like something Gandalf might say, it's actually true; we recently learned that 90% of the planet's carbon is beneath the surface, where a biosphere twice that of our oceans exists. Who even knows what lives there? We've also learned about tiny creatures who can live in the deepest, darkest parts of the oceans as well as in volcanoes, so maybe it's not as surprising to find out that some fish can actually live in dead zones.

Tree Kangaroos Face Extinction

If it's not freaky to you how many animal species are disappearing due to human actions and waste, I'm not sure what to say. Yes, we're all a little jaded regarding just how much of an invasive species we are on this planet after hearing about all of the terrible things we do to not only one another but the planet itself, but hopefully we're still shocked enough to want to do something about it.

Animals with Albinism

Albinism really isn't freaky. Most of us have seen an animal or even know someone in our lives with the melanin deficiency, which causes a striking lack of color that is often otherworldly in its beauty. It's unfortunate that so many people with albinism have been targeted with hatred, and even violence, for something they can't control, but the Internet has helped to demonstrate, at least to those willing to learn, that there's nothing scary or harmful about albinism. 

Five Feet of Tapeworm

It almost sounds like an urban legend meant to give you nightmares, not a terrible, real story that a man had to endure, but it's true. A California man who eats sushi every day ended up in the hospital with a tapeworm over five feet long in his body. It's almost too gross to report: as the man had bloody diarrhea, he thought his intestines were coming out of his anus. It turned out to be a very long and wriggling worm. Eugh...

Crabs on Drugs

Scientists are constantly warning us about all of the crap we're pouring into the ocean and the results are stacking up. From garbage patches floating around to whale stomachs inflated with plastic to our own food being so full of mercury that we can't even eat it, there's obviously problems.


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