New Gonorrhea Super-Strain Immune to Treatment

A super-STD capable of resisting all available antibiotics found in Sweden and Japan.


Swedish and Japanese researchers have isolated a strain of Gonorrhea that is resistant to all antibiotics, identifying it from the throat swab of a sex-worker in Japan. The strain of bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, is particularly troubling because it is able to pass its resistance on to other strains of Gonorrhea within the same host. Researchers say that this makes other strains up to 500 times more resistant to antibiotics simply by the different strains of bacteria coming into contact. Dr. Magnus Unemo of the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria calls it a, "potentially huge public health risk."

Fluoridation: Were The Conspiracy Theorists Right?

This Friday the government is going to announce a reduction in the recommended fluoride levels in drinking water.  This is the first time the government has walked back the recommended dose of fluoride in 50 years.

The fluoride controversy is so convoluted, confusing, and ultra-paranoid that I have trouble even working through it.  The real problem is that there are some legitimate objections to water fluoridation, but they get muddled up with, and drowned out by, the conspiracy nuts.

Sleep Paralysis: The "Old Hag"

As you probably know, your mind has a sort of switch that flips off activity in your body when you sleep.  This state of paralysis is what keeps you from actually running in your bed when you are running in your dreams. 

It isn't a complete paralysis - people will still twitch and mutter, and some may even kick around and cause their bed partners a great deal of consternation.  But it works well enough for what it needs.

This paralysis is associated with REM sleep, and is called "REM atonia."  It is regulated by a hormone, which usually wears off after REM sleep passes.  However, sometimes this switch gets stuck for a little while after you wake up.  If you don't know what's happening, this can be a terrifying experience. 

Kids See Dead People

What if the whole Bruce Willis scenario in The Sixth Sense were much more than M. Night Shyamalan’s greatest hit film? Caron Goode is playing a true life, though living, role of Wills’s character, investigating the minds of children who might possibly see ghosts.

The psychologist says that her efforts stem from her own childhood experiences, and she’s out to discover whether or not the imaginary friends that so many kids have are actually the spirits of the dead instead. She’s even written a book, Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear, about it.

Back From the Dead for the 114th Time

When I was a child, a family member had a brush with death that is now famous in our family. He’s since had others as well, but this one was special in one way: he says that his near-death experience included the whole white light, tunnel, the rest of the near-death shebang that we see in the movies and hear about from various people who’ve almost died.

Though science has given explanations for this experience, many believe that this experience is actually the route to Heaven (or the afterlife, etc.), resulting in a belief in religion, a second chance at life, and perhaps more do-gooding within their lives.

So I have to wonder if Ann Mintram of North Wales experienced this white light and tunnel phenomenon once, or twice, or all 114 times she was brought back to life recently.


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