How Strong Is Your Freak Out?

The season of scaring is upon us, and like many people, I like to scare and be scared, but only mildly. If something really terrified me I think I'd have to take a break! Over the years I've learned to not do pranks during Halloween or April Fool's that might upset others. I was raised with an aunt who loved to do these things so it's special to me, but others have bad experiences and we should always respect that. 

People Have Sex with the Earth

Before you start jumping to conclusions, no, Ecosexuality is not a lifestyle where people actually get married to and are only attracted to the Earth. On the contrary, it is a form of performance art, but it does make use of actual sex with the earth in many different ways. Some may embrace trees or soil while others use vegetables as sex toys, but it's all for the purpose of making environmental activism more fun and sexy.

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