Human Pups

What would you do if someone you knew enjoyed dressing up like a dog all the time? What if it went beyond that? Human pups are people who enjoy not only dressing up as accurately like dogs as possible, but also playing and behaving like dogs.

It's mostly men who do this and they say it goes beyond a sexual fetish. Those who become human pups say that they enjoy having no outside worries and use it as a form of escapism from reality, bills and the harshness of life.

It Clown Fetishes are a Thing

Generally speaking, if an act hurts no one an is committed by two consenting adults, it should be fine, right? And fantasies are fantasies for a reason: you don't REALLY want to enact those deep, dark thoughts. You just enjoy visiting them in your mind. So the fact that lots of people are lusting after Pennywise in the new Stephen King's It film, it shouldn't freak us out, right?

Can you really retire on a cruise ship?

It's true, but would you really want to?

This is something that has been floating around on the Internet along with all the other crazy-ass chain mail email letters that your grandma forwards to you. I was reminded of it last night when I was watching a "King of the Hill" re-run, of all things. When Megalo-Mart buys out the organic food co-op, the co-op's butcher takes early retirement and reportedly buys a condo on a cruise ship.

But can you really retire to live on a cruise ship? It seems so plausible, and yet so unlikely. I am put in mind of another Fox show, a Simpsons episode from last season when Bart, seeing how much fun his family is having on their cruise ship vacation, engineers the vacation to last forever. It sounds fantastic on the face of it: imagine endless shrimp buffets! Exotic ports of call your whole entire life! So much better than being stuck in a boring old folk's home (excuse me, RETIREMENT COMMUNITY).
But as Bart discovered, retiring on a cruise ship may be a case of "be careful what you wish for."

Lost in the woods under strange circumstances

Hundreds of people go missing every year. But retired police officer David Paulides claims to have located "clusters" of missing people incidents which follow the same strange formula. Odder still, these clusters are found in North America's mountain forests, including state and national parks.

Many of the incidents involve children or the mentally handicapped. Frequently they shed their clothes, which are often found all in a puddle together, as if the person had literally melted right out of them. The people are never found, or are found a remarkable distance from their starting location, with little or no memory of how they got there. Children who have moved across miles of wilderness, climbed mountain ranges or crossed fast-moving streams, for example. 
And park officials aren't telling. 

Haunted, abandoned hospital to become a senior home

Who better to frighten in the middle of the night than a bunch of really old people?

The former Linda Vista Hospital, a 107-year-old building which was abandoned some 25 years ago, is "so well known for its creepy atmosphere and alleged hauntings" that it has become the go-to location for both ghost hunters and Hollywood productions looking for a spooky filming location - including Rob Zombie and the film "Se7evn."
Fascinating, to be sure… but would you want your grandmother to live there?
That's the plan according to Amcal Multi-Housing, a housing group which is leading the $40 million conversion of the old hospital from "creep-o-matic factory" to "senior living home."

Encounters With Dead Travelers

Perhaps, when you die far from home, it takes a while for your spirit to realize that the body is dead, and move forward accordingly.

In a Metafilter discussion about the disappearance of Noah Pippin, Metafilter user humanfont laid out a fascinating possibility: that the many encounters with Pippin in the Bob Marshall Wilderness were not with the living man Noah Pippin, but with his ghost. Humanfont goes on to recount one of his own encounters with a ghost while hiking in the high Rockies, an engrossing story which shares many of the hallmarks of the encounters with Pippin.
Tales of encountering a traveler in the wilderness, only to later learn that they had been long dead by then, are rife throughout human history. These sorts of stories have no doubt been told in every culture around the world. (Off the top of my head, I can think of versions from Celtic, Eastern European, and sub-Saharan Africa.)

Sasquatch Sightings: The Hermit Factor

If you happen to spot a Sasquatch in Montana's Rocky Mountains, ask him if he answers to "Noah."

I have a pet theory about Sasquatch. My personal hunch is that most (maybe all) Sasquatch sightings are actually encounters with men who, for whatever reason, have taken to the woods. You live in the great outdoors for a year or two, things happen. You stop shaving your face or cutting your hair. Your Polar Fleece jacket finally disintegrates, so you don a makeshift poncho made from a bear skin. Your boots fall apart, so you go barefoot.
Sound unlikely? The truth is, there are many documented cases throughout history of people who have abandoned society to live in the woods. And guess what? The sort of person who moves to the forest to live alone among the animals is also not the sort of person who will react kindly to encountering other humans. 


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