An Earthquake Swarm

Seismic waves were found all around the world on November 11 and scientists still aren't sure of what to make of it. The U. S. Geographical Survey detected waves in Ethiopia, New Zealand, Spain and Zambia for twenty minutes. Usually these kinds of low-frequency signals are the result of volcanic activity. Researchers say that they've never seen anything like this, given that usually earthquakes release a big burst of energy followed by different types of waves afterward. But there was no earthquake to generate these waves, which are unlike any others ever measured before.

Hand Microchips

Years ago, my younger sister said she'd love to be able to carry her ID and credit card in her skin in microchip form. "Blasphemy!" I wailed, clutching my pearls like the Millennial luddite who refuses to get a new phone until it doesn't work anymore, at all, that I am. That's some scary Terminator stuff right there, amirite? It turns out that she wasn't alone, and today thousands of Swedes are doing something along those lines.

Facebook Knows All

Everyone is jumping ship from Facebook as if it's about to sink (and indeed, it might be) because of an enormous privacy breach. The company has been collecting all of your call history and SMS data, which, while obviously alarming and disturbing, really shouldn't surprise anyone. It's in the contracts we sign, the user agreements and in the words of everyone who's ever quit the site, even for a little while: Facebook owns it all. Your photos, your shares, your updates, your words...

Species Born Via Cancer Cells

When you think about cancer, it's usually about the destruction that cancer is known to wreak on peoples' lives. It's never about creation, which makes this news so mind-blowing: a new species has been brought forth through cancer cells. Tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks had a strange tumor in 1951 that baffled doctors. It was unlike any other cancer previously discovered or discovered since, so of course doctors were interesting in studying the unique cervical tumor. 


It's a pretty gross story if it's a true one: A woman is suing Chick-Fil-A not because of their bigotry or contributions to organizations that want to kill gay people as you might expect, but because she says she found a rodent cooked into her bun. First she thought it was burned, then she flipped it on a table and saw that there was what appeared to be a small rodent in the bread. 

Massive Cyber Attack Hits Companies

It's one of those worst nightmare scenarios: businesses owners over the world wake up to find themselves rendered powerless with a nasty virus demanding money in order to be lifted. It happened this morning after cyberattacks hit Europe, Asia and the United States. The ransomeware is a new kind that has not yet been profiled, but the original source website was tracked to Ukraine. That doesn't tell us much, either, since that site was hacked in order to distribute the virus.

Real Organ Snatchers?

The thing about urban legends is that there is often some truth to the stories, even if it's a teeny, tiny piece of evidence. When it comes to the famous story about tourists waking up missing their organs, however, there is some truth to the tale. No, there haven't been any proven rings of organ smugglers just yet, but there has been at least one account of people having their organs stolen.

Alex Jones freaks out Piers Morgan (and everyone else)

Notorious conspiracy theorist loses it on national television.

Alex Jones is a central figure in the contemporary field of conspiracy theories. His radio show has taken over a huge segment of what used to be Art Bell's audience, back in the day. His websites and podcast and articles are nutty, sure, but you would hardly have expected the kind of insane ranting that he burst into when interviewed by Piers Morgan.


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