Freaky Amazon Goods

Have you ever wanted to make it look like your big toe was floating? How about a fish puking up your egg yolk to separate it for cooking? If these sound intriguing, you need to check out this freaky list of weird finds on Amazon. Some of these things are really functional, like instant underwear that you can add water to and grow, or a hair-trimming comb. Others appear really too weird to be as functional as they appear.

Paw Socks

Paws, claws, talons... if you ever wanted feet that were more reptilian, avian or just plain furry, you might want to check out these weird animal feet socks. Not only can you keep your feet warm but you can do so while looking like a cat, lizard, eagle, zebra or another animal! You could even buy multiple pairs to mix and match your breeds. Not into animal feet? They'd make a great gift for someone who is.

Transgenic Sting Ray Shoes

Best case scenario, it's shoes made of fake leather. Worst case scenario, a con.

Update, 12/22/12: Yep, I called it! It's a hoax. 

So here is a thing which is - I would estimate - at least 93 percent fake. 

Rayfish Shoes is a company based in Thailand which lets you choose the crazy-pants color and pattern you want, then injects the necessary genes into a stingray fetus. When the stingray grows up to shoe size, Rayfish harvests the stingray's leather and boom: transgenic shoes with the wacky pattern grown right into the skin!
The claims of being able to custom design skin color patterns (like fuchsia leopard print, or acid yellow zebra stripes) is patently false. Not only is this not possible with today's technology, it's probably not possible at all, ever. 

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