Strange / Unusual

Are UFOs Real?

Saying that UFOs aren't real based on no evidence is like people claiming that oxygen, narwhals and love itself aren't real because they can't see it. Most consipiracy theories hold a little truth to them at the very least, and it would make much more sense for other life to exist in a universe as large as ours, so when the former manager of the Department of Defense Aerospace Threat program confirmed that they are real, it seems pretty legit. 

Freaky Cool Land Formations

Ever heard of Wave Rock in Australia? How about the Stone Forest of China? These amazing geological formations don't look like anything else on Earth. It's always amazing to hear people say that we've discovered all there is to know about our planet; not only are there so many things like these formations to see and explore, but some scientists say we know more about the moon than our own ocean. There are some truly freaky and amazing things on planet earth!


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