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No More Quiet

Is it any wonder there's practically no more silent places left on Earth? I can't remember the last time I heard complete silence, particularly with everyone's kid on some device or other (not to mention parents and everyone else, too). Yesterday we went to the movies and there was a 10-year-old kid sitting next to me on his phone, with headphones plugged in, next to his dad, who was on his phone, while they waited for the movie to begin! I try to withhold judgment--I have no rocks to throw, as I use a cell phone, and who knows? Maybe the kid was calmer with his device and needed it.

Alex Jones freaks out Piers Morgan (and everyone else)

Notorious conspiracy theorist loses it on national television.

Alex Jones is a central figure in the contemporary field of conspiracy theories. His radio show has taken over a huge segment of what used to be Art Bell's audience, back in the day. His websites and podcast and articles are nutty, sure, but you would hardly have expected the kind of insane ranting that he burst into when interviewed by Piers Morgan.

Hurricane Sandy: The result of weather modification technology?

Some believe HAARP caused Sandy

I'm a little surprised (and frankly a little disappointed) to see so few conspiracy theories springing up in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But one theory that crops up over and over is the idea that Sandy was created by the secret ability of governments to control the weather. Either accidentally or deliberately creating a superstorm.

The HAARP antenna array bears a lot of the brunt of this sort of thing. HAARP has long been a darling of the conspiracy theory set, due to its seemingly mysterious nature and a lot of overheated conjecture. (After watching the Jesse Ventura episode about HAARP, I came to the conclusion that HAARP theories largely boil down to people not understanding what science is or how it works, and a sort of generalized anxiety about government security.)
Chemtrails are showing up in Sandy chatter, too. Under normal circumstances, a passing jet airplane will leave behind a trail of condensation in the sky. These white trails may linger for minutes, even hours after the plane passes, depending on the high altitude weather conditions. 

Missing finger found inside trout two months later

Quite a catch! Har har har.

Earlier this month, an angler named Nolan Calvin was fishing for trout in Priest Lake in Idaho. While he was cleaning one of the trout he had caught, he discovered a human finger inside the trout's stomach. 

Calvin did the sensible thing: he put the finger on ice and called the Bonner County sheriff's department. Officers collected the finger, took fingerprints from the severed digit, and located the owner: a wake boarder named Haans Galassi, who had lost four fingers in the lake last June. Galassi suffered an accident when his fingers were caught in a tow rope. The fingers obviously were never recovered.
When the Bonner County sheriff's department asked Galassi if he wanted his finger back, Galassi politely declined. 

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