Lightning With Your Fireworks

Recently I saw a couple of freaky and fascinating things in a single night. First, while driving past the city, I saw the entire sky, clouds and all, against the city lights skyline. This might be a common sight for some, but for me it was incredible to see the clouds in the dark. Where I live, we usually only see the stars, moon and sometimes planets; it's just outside the city so the clouds only serve to obscure things. I never see them actually defined in the sky.

An Earthquake Swarm

Seismic waves were found all around the world on November 11 and scientists still aren't sure of what to make of it. The U. S. Geographical Survey detected waves in Ethiopia, New Zealand, Spain and Zambia for twenty minutes. Usually these kinds of low-frequency signals are the result of volcanic activity. Researchers say that they've never seen anything like this, given that usually earthquakes release a big burst of energy followed by different types of waves afterward. But there was no earthquake to generate these waves, which are unlike any others ever measured before.

Hurricane Sandy: The result of weather modification technology?

Some believe HAARP caused Sandy

I'm a little surprised (and frankly a little disappointed) to see so few conspiracy theories springing up in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But one theory that crops up over and over is the idea that Sandy was created by the secret ability of governments to control the weather. Either accidentally or deliberately creating a superstorm.

The HAARP antenna array bears a lot of the brunt of this sort of thing. HAARP has long been a darling of the conspiracy theory set, due to its seemingly mysterious nature and a lot of overheated conjecture. (After watching the Jesse Ventura episode about HAARP, I came to the conclusion that HAARP theories largely boil down to people not understanding what science is or how it works, and a sort of generalized anxiety about government security.)
Chemtrails are showing up in Sandy chatter, too. Under normal circumstances, a passing jet airplane will leave behind a trail of condensation in the sky. These white trails may linger for minutes, even hours after the plane passes, depending on the high altitude weather conditions. 

Fire tornadoes exist. Everybody run!

The world is stranger and more terrifying than you can imagine.

An Australian filmmaker named Chris Tangey recently caught one of the most frightening natural phenomena I can imagine: a tornado of fire, also known as a "fire devil." 

You have most likely heard of "dust devils." Those small localized whirlwinds that pick up dust and carry them along, Tasmanian Devil-style, sometimes for a great distance. These happen because the wind forms a circular eddy, similar to the vortex you might see in a river. You can create one yourself by scooping your hand through a basin of water. 
These vortexes can form anywhere, although they are most common (and most long-lived) in flat desert areas. The flat desert has two features which promote the creation and persistence of dust devils: first, they have the sun-heated soil which can send up a hot plume of air that kicks off the vertex of air currents. Second, they have fewer land forms and objects that can disrupt the air flow and thus "kill" the dust devil.
Turns out? Same thing can happen with fire.

Is It Raining Cats, Dogs, Frogs, Or Sardines?

Hey, how would you like to wake up one day with yard full of slippery silvery sardines - and no, you don't live on the ocean?


That's exactly what happened to a couple in Ipswich, Australia in 1989. They woke up one morning with about 800 sardines in their yard. Geeze Louise!


It turns out fish showers aren't all that uncommon, well not THAT uncommon anyway. In 2004, Wales got a fish shower and in 2006 India got showered with fish too.


So, how is this all happening? It fish being picked up out of the water by a whirlwind and carried inland and dumped out on land. It's even more common with frogs!


In 2005, thousands of frogs landed on dry land nowhere near water in Serbia. The same type of crazy event happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1901 and it made front page news. Evidently, there were so many frogs, people had trouble walking down the street. Can you imagine what these folks must have thought? Maybe the world was coming to an end.

Earthquake Light and Earthquake Clouds

"Earthquake lights" and "earthquake clouds" are an excellent example of something that almost everyone thought was crackpot bunk, until enough photographs and first-hand experiences were accumulated by enough reputable people that it was finally acknowledged as a real thing by science. In the case of earthquake lights, it was the "earthquake swarm" that hit Nagano, Japan in 1965-1967 that did the trick.
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