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Sonoran desert mountain bikers encounter reptilian humanoid

"Startled" wouldn't even begin to describe it!
Last week a group of three mountain bikers reported being "startled" to encounter a reptilian humanoid in the middle of Arizona's Sonoran Desert. The bikers were riding a 17 mile trail through the desert called the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Course, and had stopped to take a break and rehydrate when they had their encounter.
The three men from Tucson had been riding for about nine hours when they stopped at the side of the trail. To their amazement, they saw a "long figure" walk across the trail in front of them.
The men described the reptilian as being about six feet tall, very skinny, and with an awkward gait like "a monkey or a man with a disease, almost robotic, kind of." Two of the men approached the creature slowly, not realizing that they were moving, but apparently drawn towards it out of sheer curiosity. 
Then the third person in their party turned around, spotted the reptilian, and swore out loud. The noise alerted the creature to their presence. It turned to stare at them, swiveling its head in an "eerie 280 degree turn." (Eek.)
This gave the men ample time to examine the creature's face, which was distinctly human, but had sandy reddish colored scales which blended in well with the color of the desert, almost like camouflage. They described the creature's eyes as being similar to the eyes of a snake, but "black with a yellow stripe in the middle of the eye."
I'm not sure what to make about that part. Were they saying that the eye had two colors? Or was the eye black with a bright yellow iris? (Which would be pretty weird indeed…. Maybe even biologically impossible.)
The creature had no nose (just two nose holes) and no ears or hair. When it spotted them, it raised an arm with lots of claws, waved at them while making a chattering noise, and then ran away.
In fact, it sounds almost exactly like the classic description of a Reptilian alien, although this one seems to have been uniquely adapted for life here on Earth, blending in with the Sonoran desert, and clearly trying to go out of its way to avoid human contact.
Maybe it was just on a desert vacation. After all, the Sonoran desert would be a great vacation destination if you were a six foot tall lizard person, wouldn't it?