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The Ammons possession case

Officially documented demon possession
There are more stories of demon possession that you can shake a stick at, but the Ammons family's 2012 case stands out in one very important way: all the details have been officially verified and confirmed by several credible witnesses, including a police captain, psychologists, medical professionals, and several people not connected to the family. 
The Ammons family incident occurred in Gary, Indiana in 2012. Latoya Ammons claimed that she saw her three children walk up walls, speak in voices, and levitate. It seems that most of the activity centered on her nine year old son (whose name, like all three of the children, has been stricken from the record due to privacy considerations).
It all began when an unnamed witness reported Latoya Ammons to the authorities, out of concern that she had mental health issues, and that the children might be at risk. The children were removed from the home by the authorities and taken for observation.
During that time, psychologists attested that they saw the boy speak in "different deep voices" and "walk up the wall backwards." He periodically made "growling noises" and they witnessed his eyes roll into the back of his head. 
A team of medical staff reported that, as they observed the boy, they saw him be "lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him."
Gary, Indiana Police Captain Charles Austin, with over 35 years on the force, said that he visited the Ammons family several times, under the assumption that Latoya Ammons was trying to scam people out of money. But what he saw convinced him that the demonic possession was real.
In addition to noting these events on the official report, the hospital staff also called in a local priest to perform an exorcism on the family. 
Ammons also saw her 12 year-old daughter levitate out of bed, and the girl reported "being thrown across the room and grabbed by dark shadows." 
Apparently, despite all this official stamp of approval, it took six months before the children were released back to Ammons after "the problems subsided." I have so many questions about this story, like where were the kids being kept for those six months? Why did it take so long for the family to be reunited? And how have things been in the months since the incident apparently ended? 
The Ammons family has moved from the home where the incident happened, and the landlord reports that the current (new) tenants have not experienced any problems.