Aerogel For Mars

Will it make the planet more livable?

Are you at the point where you don't care if we colonize another planet or not? We know that only the rich people will be able to afford to go anyway (perhaps along with people they select as their slaves), and that doesn't sound like a world I even want to be part of. We're already in a world where the 1% runs everything, so why spread that across the universe? As exciting as space exploration is, part of me just doesn't want it to work for humans. We've had our run; let the octopus have a go of running things!

It is super interesting to see all of the new tech and ideas formulating about space exploration though, right? Here's a new one: the use of aerogel, a silica blanket designed to assist the planet in developing its own atmosphere, might be useful in making the planet more human-friendly. Does anyone else wonder if humans, or some variation of them, once lived there before rendering that planet a wasteland, too? Hmmm...

What do you think of this aerogel idea and inhabiting Mars? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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