AI Is Getting Freakier Than Ever

Who else whispers in front of the TV?

Today I read that AI can now create a playlist for you that changes with your mood. You might think that sounds more nefarious than it is, since researchers just want your music to be able to pick you up after a long day. No. This is not something positive. I don't want a machine to know when I'm upset. I don't want a machine to "know" at all, yet that's the route we're traveling!

Google the creepiest things that AI or robots have done and you'll get sick, if you haven't been completely desensitized yet. It's absolutely bone-chilling to know this tech doesn't just exist but that it's probably going to be mainstream. Many people are fine with it, ready to implant their credit cards into their own arms and join the tech age as... part-tech. 

I don't know, maybe I'm panicking too early. What do you think of AI? Have you heard of any stories that disturb you? Share them in the chat.

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