Are UFOs Real?

It's kind of arrogant to assume they're not, and this DOD guy says yes

Saying that UFOs aren't real based on no evidence is like people claiming that oxygen, narwhals and love itself aren't real because they can't see it. Most consipiracy theories hold a little truth to them at the very least, and it would make much more sense for other life to exist in a universe as large as ours, so when the former manager of the Department of Defense Aerospace Threat program confirmed that they are real, it seems pretty legit. 

Even so, sightings have been greatly reduced in recent years, prompting us to wonder why people aren't seeing--or merely aren't reporting--as many incidents. Perhaps they are and they just aren't getting media attention. Perhaps alien life saw who the United States elected as president and thought, "Aw, heck no," and turned tail back to their own planets, or maybe they finished researching on us and decided we weren't worth it to begin with! Perhaps some of our alien movies were too over-the-top for them to stomach and they gave up on us at that point.

Whatever the reason, sightings are down and many claim that it's simply that people don't care anymore. More people believe in aliens than ever and they seem bored with the news. What do you think? 

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