Area 51 People Could Storm Something Important

Like refugee camps, maybe?

There weren't very many people "storming" Area 51, which led to some hilarious memes about thousands of people RSVPing to a party and only a handful showing. We all know how that feels (and it's ridiculous, so stop RSVPing if you're not going already, and get rid of the maybe option, Facebook!). Even so, as much interest as the "event" attracted, and as many people actually did travel to Area 51, it makes you wonder how many people we could get to "storm" actual important things happening in the world.

Refugee camps obviously come to mind, as do everything from politicians refusing to act on climate change to gun control to everything else killing our kids and our futures. I mean, I'm spitballing here, but with so many things that actually make sense to care about and "storm," wouldn't it make so much more sense to pay attention to those instead of possible alien autopsies? The freaky thing about this news isn't anything new or exciting: it's just what people will spend their time and energy on. 

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