Baby Monitor Nightmares

Another true urban legend

Last week we discussed the organ snatcher urban legend and how it's been proven to be true. Today's urban legend is another true one that comes from more modern times. The story is that parents hear something evil coming from baby's room, like "I want to see what your insides look like!" Okay, that's from Scream, but the idea is that there's some creepy psycho's voice coming in through the baby monitor. 

The story, as it turns out, is true, and has been proven a few times over. Imagine how you'd feel if you heard some jerk's voice screaming at your newborn over the baby monitor! What kind of monster screams, "Wake up, you little xxx!" at babies over their monitors?

Another hacker told a baby, "Wake up son, Daddy's looking for you!" Ugh. Find something a little less creepy to do, folks.

Have you heard of any creepy baby monitor stories? Share them in the chat below.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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