Border Patrol "Checkpoints" Are Freakier Than Any Urban Legend

Teacher gets detained to demonstrate

Did you know that we have 71 border patrol "checkpoints" in our Southern states to check people's immigration status? If you're from the South you may already know about this true and freaky phenomenon but for those of us in the Midwest or Northern states, it was a rude awakening to see this teacher get pulled over and detained for refusing to answer a single question: whether or not she was a U.S. citizen. And I can't even imagine what it's like if your skin's not white. She explains that she is refusing to answer because she's not entering or exiting a border and shouldn't have to be stopped and questioned, and she's right.

When the agents explain that they are just doing their jobs, she agrees and understands, but points out that corrupt regimes always start out by "just doing their jobs." How can anyone think this is okay? All of those who always explain how great the freedom is here... how is this free?

What other strange and freaky U.S. government phenomena have you witnessed?

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