The Cables Under The Sea

No, they're far from a Disney song

Did you know that there are a bunch of undersea cables that we're all currently relying on in order for us to have Intenet access? Whether or not you did, you may not have realized how vulnerable these cables happen to be. Tonga, a country that has access to just one cable, recently experienced a severe blackout, making us realize just how dangerous it is to have anything happen to these vital cables. In a world where we all depend on the Internet, for everything from work to school projects, finances and more, it's a terrifying thought to be without. 

Some people, like retired baby boomers, might even joke that "You Millennials and your Internet, you couldn't go a day without it!" without realizing that it is impossible for those who rely on it for their livelihood to go without it. The undersea cables that lie across the ocean floor providing us with this access are only as thick as garden hoses and they are obviously at major risk.

Do you think there's a better way to provide Internet without ocean-crossing cables? What do you think could make them safer?

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