Climate Change Makes Farming "Weird"

Surely there's a better adjective for this...

As farmers, politicians and officials label this past year's farming as "weird" due to global warming, you have to wonder if there's a better word to describe the water crisis, the algal toxin, and the 40% of crops not planted in some areas due to both. Terrifying, maybe? Doom-inducing? These might sound like extreme words but our reality is only going to get bleaker as our politicians stand still on the climate crisis that will affect us all, and by the time they realize they can't eat money it will be too late.

Obviously rich nations should be addressing the problem they created, and the rest of the world is suffering alongside them as they remain inactive--in many cases, suffering far worse effects. Lesser developed nation leaders are pleading with more developed country politicians for some action to save peoples' lives during this crisis and as their words fall on deaf ears, we face the most freaky phenomenon of all: the realization that we're all doomed because of these few rich guys who refuse to act. So let's kick them out, shall we? It's not just our lives that depend on it, but those of the people and animals of the entire planet. Keep the pressure up on those in office to act, but certainly don't expect any who haven't done so already to start just to get your vote.

What's the freakiest effect of climate change you've witnessed so far? Share it in the chat.


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