Condom Machine Kills Thief

Man attempts to rob machine and dies in the process

If you're ever desperate for condoms, please ask a friend, a clinic, anyone for help. Most people would jump at the chance to help prevent overpopulation and many clinics give out condoms for free already. Your own life is at stake: you may be killed by the condom machine you are trying to rob!

Don't believe me? In Germany, a 29-year-old man died on Christmas Day after blowing up a condom machine. True, anytime you mess with explosives there's always the danger of possible death, but this man wasn't blown up. He and his accomplices attempted to blow up the machine to extract condoms only to be hit in the head with shrapnel, which killed him. The accomplices lied and said the man had fallen down the stairs (funny how everyone uses that for anything they had a hand in doing!). Perhaps they didn't want the condoms but to destroy them instead? 

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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