Corals On The Run From Climate Change

Can you blame them?

Recently I watched a documentary about Cuba, and one of its main focuses centered around how healthy the coral reef systems of the country are compared with the bleached coral reefs around the world. It turns out that it's because Cuba turned to more sustainable agriculture without the harmful runoff of pesticide, which much of the world continues to utilize. We could learn a lot from Cuba, and the corals seeking out new homes would definitely appreciate it if we did.

It turns out many coral are seeking homes in more temperate areas rather than their traditional waters near the equator now because the environment we've altered is too hostile for them to flourish and survive in it. Scientists are unsure whether or not this will help the reefs survive in the long run. It's rather disturbing that they have to do this to begin with, but also remarkable how they're even adapting this way.

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