The Creepiest Halloween Makeup

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If Halloween means nothing more than candy, pumpkin carving and cute costumes of super heroes and princesses to you, you might want to skip this nightmare-inducing list of scary makeup ideas for the big night. If Halloween is your excuse to buy as much fake blood as possible and scare anyone who lives in the double digits, it might be just what you are looking for! If you've always wanted to look like your're inside-out, that you could unzipper your flesh or that chunks of you were missing a la The Walking Dead, welcome to the idea list of your dreams.

One of the best things about the Internet is the plethora of ideas at your fingertips, many of them on Pinterest. There's no shortage of Pinterest boards dedicated only to scary costumes so if you're out of ideas, just check it out. Don't be discouraged if you need something special, like colored contact lenses or a wig; you can often make do with whatever you've got.

The creepiest costumes I've ever pulled off include a zombie mime, a dead clown and a half-demon, half-human look, although there have been some other fun ones over the years, too. Are you going as something even scarier this year, or have you been anything scarier in the past? If you have tutorials or photo links we'd love to see them in the chat! 

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