Facebook Knows All

But it's really not as freaky as you think

Everyone is jumping ship from Facebook as if it's about to sink (and indeed, it might be) because of an enormous privacy breach. The company has been collecting all of your call history and SMS data, which, while obviously alarming and disturbing, really shouldn't surprise anyone. It's in the contracts we sign, the user agreements and in the words of everyone who's ever quit the site, even for a little while: Facebook owns it all. Your photos, your shares, your updates, your words... it's the price we pay for free access to the site.

Sure, many of us miss the langauge that allows them to collect our call history and data by using their apps, but if watching Parks and Recreation has taught us anything, it's that our privacy isn't our own anymore. Whether you're using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify or any other free service, the price to pay is your privacy.

Do you think we should all do something about this? What do you think will happen to Facebook?

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