Five Feet of Tapeworm

It's almost unbelievable

It almost sounds like an urban legend meant to give you nightmares, not a terrible, real story that a man had to endure, but it's true. A California man who eats sushi every day ended up in the hospital with a tapeworm over five feet long in his body. It's almost too gross to report: as the man had bloody diarrhea, he thought his intestines were coming out of his anus. It turned out to be a very long and wriggling worm. Eugh...

The man had to take a de-worming pill similar to the kind given to your cat or dog to de-worm them. The man, who ate sashimi on almost a daily basis, said he'd been feeling ill for months and thought it was gas! Oh boy. I'm not a sushi eater anyway but now I really don't want to eat any. According to the CDC, Pacific Ocean salmon are currently at high risk of containing tapeworm, too.

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photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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