Freaky Amazon Goods

Some of these would be great for Halloween...

Have you ever wanted to make it look like your big toe was floating? How about a fish puking up your egg yolk to separate it for cooking? If these sound intriguing, you need to check out this freaky list of weird finds on Amazon. Some of these things are really functional, like instant underwear that you can add water to and grow, or a hair-trimming comb. Others appear really too weird to be as functional as they appear.

There's a steel bar of soap that washes you not with suds, but with negative ions, for example. Is the science sound with this one? A pancake batter dipper and a self-stirring mug also seem rather unecessary. Still, many items on the list are interesting enough to sell out on Amazon and often.

What is your favorite freaky find for sale recently? Share it in the chat!

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