Freaky Facts About Flying

Will you still fly?

We all know there's some shady stuff going down on airplanes, but there are a few secrets that you may not know about. For example, did you know that the tanks they use to carry water on flights are really hard to clean and often harbor bacteria? You might not be sick from the germs of your fellow passengers but because you ate prepared food or drank water or tea on board! Stick to pre-packaged snacks and canned drinks when available. 

Speaking of germs, lots of passengers use those trays on the backs of seats as makeshift diaper changing stations, so a lot of them have fecal matter on them. Yeah. You may not want to use that tray. Most planes also have something wrong with them, so you're never as safe as you think.

What disturbing things have you heard about flying? Share your findings and stories in the chat.

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