Freaky Pokemon Go Stories

What is the weirdest thing that’s happened to you while hunting?

Hi, Pokemon Go hunters and enthusiasts! If you’re not into Pokemon Go, this info may still be interesting to you, too. Since launching this month, Pokemon Go has had some bizarre news surrounding it. Here are some fast facts about the game. Feel free to add your own weird stories in the comments!

For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go is a new app from Nintendo that allows you to hunt Pokemon in the real world by placing different Pokemon in real locations. You use the app to find them and you swipe a pokeball to catch them. You can battle, buy more pokeballs and other items, trade extra Pokemon for items… It is free to play unless you purchase extras.

Pokemon are hidden everywhere. They may even be in your dentist’s office. To begin playing, just head out to your backyard and open the app.

Pokemon Go servers crashed when the game first came out due to such a high interest. People of all ages are playing this game and there are some fun stories circulating the Internet. One involves an adult who, upon being kindly asked by two children if they might hunt Pokemon in the person’s yard, slammed the door and ran out back to hunt the Pokemon. Another surrounds an older gentleman who nabbed a Pokemon before some children who were hunting did only to yell that Team Rocket had struck again.

Nintendo’s stock went up 50% after the game launched.

A teen found a dead body while playing Pokemon Go. Authorities are warning that criminals, including thieves and sex offenders, are using the stops to lure in victims. Law enforcement is asking people to search in groups for Pokemon.

The game has apparently resulted in a few mob scenes while players attempt to find key Pokemon. A couple of players were shot while hunting for Pokemon. Police are warning players to use caution and common sense while playing; people are driving and playing recklessly and there was even an incident where some players walked off a cliff while hunting Pokemon.

Many families are hunting together. The non-drivers hunt while the driver approaches each Pokestop.

What is the weirdest thing you have come across while hunting Pokemon? What is the most creative thing you’ve done to find them, and what is your rarest catch so far? Tell us below and don’t forget… gotta catch ‘em all!



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