Freaky Total Solar Eclipse Possibilities

What do you hope to see?

The upcoming solar eclipse is huge for a number of reasons and everyone seems to be making big plans to view it. You've probably heard about the horrendous traffic that is supposed to happen that weekend but did you know that there are some pretty freaky things that may occur, too? 

If you look at the ground, you may see a bunch of snakes that aren't there. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can see this optical illusion during an eclipse. When the sun filters through trees, you can also view othe cool images as the trees serve as pinholes. Shadow bands that appear to move may also be visible; click the link to see what they look like!

We could also see temperatures drop for up to 20 degrees during the eclipse, so be ready for that if you weren't aware that it could happen already! When the animals get confused by this, it's possible for some of them to exhibit opposite appropriate behavior for that time of day, so just be aware of that, too. 

Click the link for more freaky things that might happen during the eclipse, but whatever you do, be sure to wear NASA approved glasses in order to view the eclipse safely!


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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