The Ghosts of Christmas Present

America needs holiday ghosts and ghoulies!

Did you know that monsters, ghosts and other creepy things that go bump in the night are all a common part of the winter holidays around the world? From Krampus to Black Piet, Father Whipper to goblins, trolls and other creatures, the entire moth of December is fraught with monsters. So join me in demanding... why don't we have Christmas monsters in America?

Sure, we get a Christmas horror film every year, but it's totally not the same. Most historians blame the popularity of Santa Clause for killing these traditions that were originally brought over from Europeans. So thanks a lot, Santa. I love Santa as much as anyone, but I want a Frau Percheta legend, too!

Does your family have any holiday monsters that they celebrate (or fearfully stay away from)? Share them in the chat!

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