Haunted Elsa Doll Always Comes Back

There's no way this family can "let it go," or so it seems

A family in Houston says they're being haunted by a creepy "Elsa" doll from Disney's Frozen franchise. They say they've tossed out the doll multiple times only to have it keep returning to them.

It's an age-old story; everyone from Edgar Allan Poe to the writers of the Chucky films has used the trope of the thing--whether it's an animal, a toy, a dress or otherwise--returning to the family after they attempt to get rid of it over and over again. 

According to this family, not only did this doll still sing while turned off, but it turned up in their home after they decided to throw it out. The children of the family insist they had nothing to do with it.

Have you ever had something this mysterious happen to you? Share your story in the chat.

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