It Clown Fetishes are a Thing

And some are as horrific as you might imagine

Generally speaking, if an act hurts no one an is committed by two consenting adults, it should be fine, right? And fantasies are fantasies for a reason: you don't REALLY want to enact those deep, dark thoughts. You just enjoy visiting them in your mind. So the fact that lots of people are lusting after Pennywise in the new Stephen King's It film, it shouldn't freak us out, right?

Maybe it's because the movie is already scary and not, say, filled with goofy clowns. Or maybe it's because the fantasies that people are reporting are often disturbing, involving blood, dismemberment and death. We all have some pretty out there fantasies but none of mine are that violent. Even so, I'm not judging unless any of these fantasizers start killing people.

Have you ever heard of a monster fetish like this one? Have you ever found yourself attracted to a scary creature? Tell us about it in the chat.



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