Lost Scottish City

Skara Brae is fascinating

Have you heard of Skara Brae? It's an ancient lost city that a Scottish farmer discovered. Historians believe the city to be even older than the pyramids at over 5,000 years old. Covered with sand dunes, it's so well preserved that we can take a peek inside the underground city with these photos.

It's so cool to look and see how this city, which likely had 50 to 100 people living in it, lived. Each house has a basin that historians think might've been used for fish. It's so well preserved that people refer to it as the Scottish Pompeii. Some think that it was abandoned like Pompeii, too--in a rush during a storm--but others say that evidence points to people leaving it in a gradual fashion for an unknown reason.

What do you think about Skara Brae? What other lost worlds have you read about recently?

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