Mangroves Moving North Due To Climate Change

Just another day

As a parent, climate change is one of the things that scares me the most. It's almost surpassed violence against my teen in their life and the idea of them driving on my Biggest Fear radar. I can't stand the idea of them not being able to inhabit this planet because of what we, and what our ancestors, have done to it, and the evidence that it's just getting worst continues to mount.

Climate change is actually forcing Florida's mangroves farther north. As with many species, the mangrove affects hundreds, if not thousands, of species around it, and the animals and plants affected by this loss are many. I also saw today that as the ice continues to melt, we're planning floating cities a la Water World in order to plan for our future since, you know, our politicians refuse to rope in our worst polluters and actually stop climate change from happening. Why can't we just fire them for not doing their jobs like anyone else?

Have you read any other freaky news associated with global warming this week?

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