Martian Storms

They're not limited to Earth

When we were kids, I was fascinated with the various planets of our solar system, but I don't remember much focus on the weather patterns on each planet. That's why when my teen and I did a unit study on space and not only did I learn that, but that we have 13 planets, my mind was completely blown. We have such a constant news cycle that it's no wonder we miss so many important stories, like the fact that we have these planets.

If you've wondered about what the weather on Mars is like (and if you've seen enough space films, you probably already have at least an idea), this animation gives us a nice idea of what a dust storm might look like. From the volcanoes to the various weather patterns, the geography and climate of other planets is nothing short of fascinating. It also varies so widely that we can't even begin to guess about these factors on planets outside our own solar system.

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